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Please note that this page is dedicated to the new Aflac Group plans. If you are looking for information on the old Aflac Individual plans please click here

Aflac is supplemental insurance that provides you and your family cash in your time of need. All Aflac benefits are paid to you directly, regardless of how much your health insurance covers. These benefits are paid separately and may overlap with other available plans in order to give you the most coverage

Group Critical Illness

Aflac Group Critical Illness insurance helps employees recuperate from a critical illness, without burdening you with financial concerns that can cause stress and slow your recovery time. The plan provides a lump-sum payment upon the diagnosis of each covered illness including cancer, heart attacks, heart surgeries, strokes, renal failure and more.

The plan’s lump-sum cash benefits ($10,000 $20,000 or $30,000) can be used to help cover medical expenses (not covered by your major medical insurance), routine living expenses and even miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses like travel and lodging. Aflac Group Critical Illness coverage helps to alleviate your financial stress which can take away from a healthy recovery.

Cash benefits for annual health screenings ($50) and mammograms ($200) are also included.

Group Accident Plan

Group Accident insurance provides benefits for injuries incurred both on and off-the-job. Virtually any injury you seek treatment for including but not limited to, work-related injuries, motorcycle or car accident injuries and sports- related injuries will all qualify for the benefit. Whether you suffer a fracture, torn ligament, dislocation, or even burns and cuts, this plan will provide you cash whether you miss work or not. An accidental death benefit (up to $100,000) and a wellness benefit ($60 for routine exams, paid once per year per covered person, starting the 13 month) are also included.

Group Hospital Plans

Aflac Group Hospital Indemnity insurance provides supplemental benefits that enhance existing coverage and allow members to cover expenses even when visiting the ER, or a doctor for smaller injuries and illnesses.

Members may choose from two different plan types, Plan 2 or Plan 4, with Plan 4 having some larger benefits. The plans are guaranteed issue, and offer hospital admission benefits ($300 or $500), hospital confinement benefits ($200 or $300 per day) and various surgery benefits ($500-$3000). Doctor visits ($50), lab tests ($25), x-rays ($50), and even a prescription benefit ($10 or $20 per prescription) are also included. The plan does have some maximums to its benefit payouts for a calendar year, so please see the plan details for more information. The plan also offers a $100 mammogram and a $50 pap smear wellness benefit.

Enrollment Is Easy

Enrollment is done online and is open to all MEA members. Simply visit If you need assitance please call Will Stover at (619) 535-7240.