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Margarita Abrego

I work out of Records/Teletype unit. I have been working with the San Diego Police Department since 2007.

I'm currently off work due to an injury. Long Term Disability takes long to clear but still have my monthly obligations.

I don't have hours in my book. If you are able to donate hours I will appreciate your kindness.

Trish Foss

I’m currently the Administrative Aide for the SDFD Training Division. I have 7 years with the City and contributes many hours of support to the City, Fire-Rescue Department, and MEA outside my normal duties. Among the many hats I wear within the City, I also am a single mother, peer counselor and support to a child with disabilities. Due to unexpected non-life threatening medical condition discovered, I have gone through all other options and treatments to alleviate symptoms, the final option is a procedure that will require 6 weeks recovery. I would greatly appreciate if donations could be made to support me in my time of need.

Olivia Garner

Hello, my name is Olivia Garner. Last summer I was in a bad car accident that put me out of work intermittently throughout the year. I’ve suffered a lot of back pain, joint pain, nerve damage and had a concussion for a couple months, among other things. Rehabilitation has been difficult. I’ve used up all of my leave and have been doing a lot of authorized leave without pay during the year and only receiving about half my paychecks. I’m currently nine months pregnant and my doctors took me off work 5/31/19. I still have a whole other month to wait for my baby to arrive and am currently without a paycheck. Anything will help. 

Lina Hosmi 

I'm a PEA work with PW ROWD, I had an accident and broke my left knee and right toe, I had to have a surgery on my knee that it leads me to be on a wheel chair for 3 months, after I submitted my Dr. request I wasn't approved for disability leave because I was still in probation period, also the state doesn't pay us for disability, I didn't have that much time off because I was just back from maternity leave and I already used all what I had left for the surgery time, I'm requesting my coworkers help to donate me any time off they can, I'll take any amount of time because it will still help me out in healing process, that is also required me to go do physical therapy twice a week for a long time. Thank you.

Alisa Steele Harris

My name is Alisa Steele Harris and I work with the Public Utilities Department, Distribution and Collection Branch and Water Construction and Maintenance Division as a Word Process Operator. I will be exhausting my leave as result of some unforeseen surgery coming up, plus I’m a Care Taker for my elderly mom. Any contribution to my Medical leave bank will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your considerations. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this matter.

Jaeneen Johnson

I have established a Catastrophic/Medical Leave Bank for assisting my husband. He has heart and kidney medical issues; which from time to time permits me to assisting him. I have exhausted my A/L time and will have approximately 15 hrs A/L once the recent time period is process. I’m praying for better health for my husband, but also blessed that he isn’t on dialysis. If you are interested in donating, please complete Catastrophic Leave Donation Form. I thank you kindly in advance for your generous support.

Stephanie Teel

Hello Fellow MEA Members, I am reaching out at this time for any medical leave donations that are available so that I can be able to travel back and forth to Northern California for a surgery my daughter is having in February that has a 6-8 week recovery time frame. Any amount of time donated helps me.

Edward Arcena

My son suffered Cardiac Arrest just a few days after his birthday; he is in PICU and will need a lot of care and treatment to heal from his brain Injury when he returns home.  Any donations how large or little will make a difference and is very much appreciated only if you are able to.

Ciara Payan

My name is Ciara Payan and in 2013 I was diagnosed with a severe type of chronic migraines – cervicogenic chronic migraines; a type that is manageable, but not curable. As the years have gone by, my condition has become very debilitating on my personal life, career, and relationships with others. I now live with chronic migraines 15 out of 30 days each month, with some lasting as long as 5 days, causing me to miss multiple days at work and miss out on important life events. Due to the severity, location, and frequency of my pain, I have developed several other medical conditions, causing me to take time off of work for multiple doctors’ appointments and various forms of therapies/testing every week for the past 5 years, which has exhausted all of my annual leave for my FMLA illness. Any time donated to support the difficulties of living with a chronic illness would be a blessing in disguise and I would be so grateful for your generosity! I am lucky to be able to do this with the City of San Diego and am thankful for those who can help!

Ursula Riley

On May 16, 2018 I suffered an Ischemic stroke. While hospitalized, the doctors found a hole in my heart which was a contributing factor for the stroke.  I have already had a loop recorder implanted in my chest to monitor my heart.   I am going to undergo heart surgery in order to close the hole once I complete my physical therapy and regain the strength on my left side. I will also need speech therapy to overcome challenges of difficulty with swallowing. I have exhausted my leave due to my hospitalization and follow-up treatments. I would be thankful for any contributions to my leave bank.