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Linda Dami

My name is Linda Dami and I work as a Library Assistant II. On January 6, 2021 I was in a car accident. Someone ran a red light and I hit me totaling my car. I suffered a wrist injury and whiplash making me unable to complete my job duties for two weeks. If you can donate any hours to help, I would greatly appreciate it, and thank you in advance.


Larry White

Hello my name is Larry White and I work for Environmental Services as a Compliance Officer.  I have established a Medical Leave Bank because I have exhausted all my leave time.  I am in need of about 300 hours and I need of your assistance.  In August- 2020 I was rushed to the hospital because my body began to shut down on me.  Within a matter of hours my activities of my body including the ability to speak was shut down.  After 7 days I was allowed to come home but my ability to walk and stand was greatly affected.  The overload on my body has caused other elements to surface and I need time to allow the doctors to help me gain my strength back and figure out exactly what has happen.   Whatever time you can donate to me will greatly be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

Jessika Valenzuela

Hello my name is Jessika I am a Word Processing Operator for SDPD. I am due to have my daughter in the next 2 weeks and have exhausted all of my leave. Thank you in advance.

Deborah Flores

I’m in need of assistance and hope that you will be able to contribute some of your leave time. Any hours donated is greatly appreciated, my son as well as my family thank you immensely.

I have established a Medical Leave Bank for my 5 year old son. He started with severe colds/fevers at the beginning of this year that lead him into having pneumonia. I have exhausted my leave due to his appointments with his regular physician as well as appointments with radiology; resulting a lot of care and treatment to heal from this unexpected illness. Due to the restrictions from his physician, I have to stay home with him even when he experiences a slight cold or cough to prevent him from having a relapse, a high fever can also lead into a Febrile Seizure which he has experienced in the past.

Michael Mosco

Hello my name is Michael Mosco. I work for the SDPD crime lab. Recently my 5mo old daughter has been diagnosed with a condition that causes periodic infantile spasms (mini seizures) that requires constant monitoring and medication, especially now in the beginning weeks of the diagnosis. I have started to take time off and have interchanged paid time and unpaid time off. Very soon I will not have banked paid leave but will still need FMLA time off to care for my daughter and take her to her variety of follow up appointments over the course of the next year and beyond. Any leave that someone may want to donate will go a very long way in helping our family through this difficult time. Thank you and God bless.

Margarita Abrego

I work out of Records/Teletype unit. I have been working with the San Diego Police Department since 2007.I'm currently off work due to an injury. Long Term Disability takes long to clear but still have my monthly obligations. I don't have hours in my book. If you are able to donate hours I will appreciate your kindness.