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My name is Sherry Cole and I’ve been employed with the City of San Diego for 15 years as a Parking Enforcement Officer. I am currently working in the Tow Administration Office on light duty recovering from previous cancer. I have received chemotherapy and radiation treatments in the past and as a result, I am now having other complications. I now have to have another surgery to fix the complications that I am now dealing with. My doctors don’t know the exact time that I will be out of work, and so I am humbly asking for help in donations of time since I have exhausted mine. I graciously appreciate any help that you may provide along with your thoughts and prayers so that I may recover and get well soon.

Thank you and may God Bless you.

Sherry A. Cole

My wife entered the hospice program yesterday and is resting at home with my daughter, me and her sisters who have come to assist with care. I haven't seen her smile so much in 9 months! I'm working 4 hours a day now as best as possible. My schedule will be hard to predict as I wish to be with her as much as possible during this time. I would greatly appreciate any leave time that you would be able to spare. Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Drew Potocki

My name is Pamela Peterson and I am a Parking Enforcement Officer, currently working out of Traffic Division. In January of this year, my family was given the devastating news that my mother is battling cancer for the third time. This time, the cancer has been diagnosed as terminal. I am the primary caregiver and in order to attend to her needs, I have had to use a great deal of my leave time. I am humbly asking for any donations, knowing that every little bit counts. I graciously appreciate any help that you can provide, as well as your thoughts and prayers. Thank you in advance for any hours that you can spare. God bless.


My name is Lilibeth Barcelona and I work in the Retirement Office. My father has been going through a difficult time with his illness. Most recently, he was placed in the hospital and has been in critical condition. I have requested that a Catastrophic Leave Bank be opened to in order to get assistance from my City colleagues. Any donation of hours would be appreciated.



My name is Daun Worthington and I am a payroll specialist in the Public Utilities Department. I would greatly appreciate any donation of hours while I am caring for my mother who is very ill. Thank you so much for your consideration.


My name is Pamela Glover and I have been employed for 12 years in the City of San Diego Purchasing and Contracting Department.  In October 2013, I was diagnosed with fallopian cancer, a very rare cancer.  I had surgery in November and currently I am going through a series of strong chemotherapy treatments.  I hope to be able to return to work in March 2014 but I have exhausted my annual leave. I appreciate in advance any donations you are willing to contribute at this time.  

Pamela Glover

My name is Celia Navarro and I’ve been employed with the City of San Diego for 10 years and currently work for the Public Works Contracting Group. I am a two time breast cancer survivor and the most recent remission I had was last year. However, in August of this year, I started having problems breathing and after a trip to the emergency room, I was told that I had fluid in my lungs and would have to have it drained. The results of that procedure showed that I had a mass of cancer cells in my chest as well as some suspicious cells in the lining of my lungs and liver. I ended up having 6 fluid draining procedures since then and at the end of September, I started receiving my chemo treatment. Treatment is scheduled for every three weeks until January, pending test results as to whether or not the treatment is working. The side effects of each treatment have significantly taken a toll on my ability to return to work, and I’ve had to take about 3 days off after each treatment in order to recover as best as possible. I have just about depleted my 211 hours of my accumulated leave time because of doctor’s appointments and scheduled treatments. I am humbly and painstakingly asking for donations of any size that can be contributed as every little bit counts. I graciously appreciate any help that you can provide along with your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you and may God Bless you!!

Celia Navarro

My name is Sue Benson and I work as a Legal Secretary in the City Attorney’s Office. I am asking for any donations that you can spare for my catastrophic leave bank. My husband is in the second go around with an ongoing battle with lung cancer. As I pen this, he is currently in the hospital trying to decipher what is causing him to move in and out of lucidity. With this battle he has had excruciating, debilitating and chronic pain. As a result of his condition, hospitalizations, doctor appointments, and just plain care, I have exhausted my leave again. If you can contribute anything, it would be greatly appreciated. As always, prayers are also welcome, appreciated and warranted.

Thank you for your consideration, and God Bless.

Sue Benson