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And the April 2017 Winners are…

It’s time to announce the winners of the $50 Best Health Wellness Rewards Visa Cards for April 2017.

Congratulations to the following winners….

Sonny – City Comptroller
Erosa – Office of Homeland Security
Sabrin – Mayor’s Office
Rosa Elena – Engineering & Capital Projects
Lisa – Code Enforcement
Cathy – PU Administrative Services
Anthony – PU Wastewater Treat & Disposal
Jesse – PU Administrative Services
Douglas – Storm Water
Mary – Environmental Svcs-Collection
Tyra – Mayor’s Office
Claudia – Police
Sylvia – Streets
Tynisha – Engineering & Capital Projects
Linda – City Attorney

We would like to thank all the participants and encourage you to keep striving to achieve your best health! Each month you participate you can be entered into the drawing.

Best Health encourages team members to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyles by helping them attain personal health goals. The program consists of an interactive personal health portal, a personal health assessment, telephonic health coaching and countless site-based wellness programs.

If you have not started your Best Health journey, you can sign up now to start earning entries into our monthly drawing. Each month Sharp will be giving out fifteen (15) $50 Best Health Wellness Rewards Visa Cards citywide*. Best Health is open to ALL city employees regardless of which health plan you belong to. Simply go to www.YourBestHealth.com to sign up and participate.

The biggest prize of all is to feel healthy in your mind, body and spirit – and we hope that you’ve won exactly that! We applaud you for putting your health first and encourage you to remain on the healthy path. The tools, tips and resources you need along the way will always be there for you at www.YourBestHealth.com.

*All employees are eligible to win two consecutive months in a row. Once you have won two months in a row you are not eligible to win the following month, but you become eligible again for future drawings.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email benefits@sdmea.org.