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One of the benefits negotiated by MEA in our MOU is the Tuition Refund Plan (Article 75).  It provides up to $2,000 of annual tuition reimbursement by the City for pre-approved trainings, events, and continuing education.

If an MEA member reaches that $2,000 reimbursement level in any year, MEA will reimburse an additional $500 of educational expenses directly from MEA.

To get started with the Tuition Refund Plan, consult Administrative Regulation 70.30, and then contact your department’s Tuition Refund Plan Liaison or Payroll Specialist.  Once you reach the $2,000 City reimbursement limit, MEA members can reach out to MEA Member Services Representative Yesi Miranda at ymiranda@sdmea.org to secure MEA’s additional $500 of tuition reimbursement.