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Since 1926, the San Diego Municipal Employees Association (MEA) has worked on behalf of City employees to represent our interests, improve our workplace and preserve and enhance our way of life. The organization provides a strong voice for its members, not only around the negotiating table and in the political arena, but with health benefits and service providers as well.

Unlike other unions, MEA is a local, member-owned and independently operated labor organization. We have no ties to national labor unions, and no outside influences to determine how, why and when we conduct our business. Members own all of the physical assets, and our money does not leave the San Diego area. Through an elected Board of Directors, our members set policies, make rules and regulations and decide how our budget is spent.

The result is a highly effective organization with the resources, leadership, power and flexibility to focus exclusively on doing business for the good of our members.

Mission Statement

The San Diego Municipal Employees Association (MEA) is dedicated to being a strong and effective advocate for San Diego City employees. MEA is united to improve employees’ standard of living and promote their fair treatment by endeavoring to fulfill MEA’s guiding principles. MEA values diversity of people and opinion, respect for one another and its independence as a union.

Guiding Principles