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Leave-Sharing Bank Requests

The MEA members below are asking for your help. Due to a catastrophic event or major health crisis, they must take an extended leave without pay from the City. Under Article 73 of the MOU, employees are able to donate annual leave hours to employees in need.

Please consider donating leave hours to help the MEA members below as they face some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Note: if no employees are listed, there are no requests at this time.

Doris Woods

I have incurred an unexpected medical situation that requires surgery, that will take place in April. I don’t have enough leave hours to cover my Post-surgery time.  Any hours given, will be greatly appreciated, as this will allow me to recover without the worries of how I’m going to pay my mortgage and care for my minor son. Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Carmen Camou

Carmen works for Special Operations handling grants and purchasing, has had a medical emergency, and has exhausted her annual leave. Carmen is requesting medical leave to be donated in any amount. No amount is too little, and it will only take a few moments to complete. She is very grateful for any help she can get. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jerry McCormick

My name is Jerry McCormick and I work as a Senior PIO in the Communications Department.

I’m requesting help with leave because of a medical situation going on with me and my husband. I recently had a double knee replacement (the first was in Jan. 25 and the second March 8) due to severe arthritis.

As a result of these replacements, I am having difficulty getting around.

In addition, my husband was rushed to the emergency room with a bad liver infection on March 19.

The doctors tell me he’s got a long road ahead of him and I’ll need to be his primary caretaker. It’s a rough time and it would be helpful not to have the financial stress on top of the health problems. I’m requesting emergency leave, if possible, to have my colleagues to donate unused leave to help me manage this situation.

Berenice Garcia

On November 17, 2021, Parks and Recreation employee Berenice Garcia suffered an unexpected loss of her 18 month old son. She is taking time off from work to process this tragedy with their 4 year old daughter and is currently out of leave time. A Catastrophic Leave Bank has been established in SAP through March 31, 2022. Leave donations are greatly appreciated.

Berenice has served the Parks and Recreation Department in several capacities over the course of her career, currently holding the Department Trainer position.  She is a dedicated employee and her Parks and Rec family wants to support her during this difficult time.

Please consider donating leave in this time of need.

Joe Storniolo

My name is Joe Storniolo a 35+ year City of San Diego employee. Over the past six weeks or so I have gone through some very tough times. I contracted Covid-19 and was very ill for about three weeks. I was the sole caregiver to my father who had many medical issues. During my sickness I could not care for my father and was to return caring for him after two weeks but was unable to as I was still ill. My father passed away during the last week of my recovery. He had been ill for years and caring for him ate up many leave hours during this course. I had to handle all the funeral arrangements during my recovery, and I am still handling cleaning out his home and personal arrangements as he had no will. Over the past three days my wife has been hospitalized due to a pocket of liquid found on her spine. She had a biopsy yesterday and we are waiting for the prognosis as she is in the hospital. These events have caused me to go without pay for 61 hours up to this point and I will need to be off work to care for her. We are hoping for a positive prognosis and recovery. Any help MEA and my constituents can help me with would be appreciated so much. Thank you.

Gerald D. Evans 

My name is Gerald D. Evans and I work with the  Public Utilities Department as a WST4.

My daughter and grandson was involved in a serious car accident. My daughter is facing major health issue and rehabilitation. Until she is fully recovered I will be responsible for the care of my 2 year old grandson who is also requiring medical attention and rehabilitation . This unforeseen family emergency will result in me exhausting my leave. Any contribution to my leave bank will be greatly appreciated !

Thanking you in advance !