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Know Your Rights, 3rd Quarter of 2011

With summer upon us, many employees will be taking time off to enjoy a little respite from work. It’s not always easy for employees in classifications which call for work to be performed seven days a week to get the necessary time off. Please keep in mind, however, that our MOU allows those employees to exchange days off with employees in the same classification. According to Article 49, “Exchange of Days Off Between Employees,” days can be exchanged under the following conditions:

1. Both parties to the exchange must be willing to make the exchange and must

have the approval of the immediate supervisors concerned.

2. Generally speaking, exchanges of days off will be kept within the division,

section, shift or watch, crew and/or work site location unless, on an individual

basis, the supervisors of the parties to the exchange otherwise agree.

3. When practical, requests for exchange of days off shall be made in writing at

least five (5) days prior to the first day of exchange.

4. An employee must report for the exchanged days off and, with the exception

of illness, the employee who otherwise fails to report shall be carried absent

without leave.

5. To avoid administrative problems, exchange of days off must be made within

the same payroll period by both parties.

We hope that you enjoy your time off and return to work rejuvenated and well rested! If you encounter any difficulties in getting time off and have followed the agreed upon process, please do not hesitate to contact your MEA Labor Representative at 619-264-6632.