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Labor Representation Quarterly Overview, January-March 2011

In the first quarter of 2011 there were a total of 62 new cases which included grievances, fact findings and disciplinary actions.

In addition to working on the individual cases, MEA Labor Relations Representatives have also been busy with various departmental meet and confers and with labor management committees, including:

Facilities Maintenance

We have made our proposals for the Employee Handbook and are now waiting to hear back from the department after they meet with Local 127. We are also meeting with the department regarding Article 68 of the MOU which requires discussion on how work will be restructured, reassigned or delayed after a section undergoes a reduction in force. Last year, the department eliminated the “trades” supervisors, which resulted in many of their duties being transferred to the Building Maintenance Supervisors and Senior Building Maintenance Supervisors. The Deputy Director has received approval to fill two vacant Building Maintenance Supervisor positions which MEA supports. We are also in agreement with the BPR recommendation that a new Assistant Building Supervisor classification be added. Similar to the recently created Streets Labor Management Committee, MEA is pursuing the creation of a Labor Management Committee with Local 127 in order to address issues between represented employees of both unions. The Push-to-Talk cell phone policy meet and confer has been completed and the agreed upon policy is now being implemented. Facilities Maintenance management wants to cancel the alternate work schedules for MEA-represented employees. This is due to the fact that Local 127 employees whom MEA-represented employees supervise are not on the same schedule. We will be meeting with management to discuss their proposal and any issues triggered by the change.

Fire Communications

The staffing policy has been finalized. Meet and confer regarding the mandatory overtime policy and sick leave policy has now begun.

Public Utilities

Customer Support management has asked to meet in order to discuss a temporary (5 months) suspension of alternate work schedules while the training and implementation of their new system occurs. We have recently attended the first meeting and will report on the situation in the next publication.

Miscellaneous Issues

We have submitted our questions and feedback on a proposed new Administration Regulation Security Policy and an updated Employee Assistance Policy to Labor Relations. An updated Threat Management Policy should also be coming out soon. MEA has sent a letter to the Police Department to meet and confer regarding the impact of last year’s budget cuts. The Library Labor Management Committee has been reinstated and began meeting in January. The meetings will continue to take place on a monthly basis.