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Mandated Reporter

On Monday February 12th, the City sent out an employee notification for State of California Mandated Reporter Training noting that a City employee “can be considered” a Mandated Reporter without any further clarification.

MEA immediately responded to the City requesting additional information to identify exactly which classifications the City considered a Mandated Reporter.  It was at that time that the City acknowledged that they sent out the training prematurely and had not yet identified the classifications that are Mandatory Reporters (if any) but that all employees would be required to take the State of California training regardless.

Please NOTE that taking this training does not hold you accountable to be a mandated reporter.

That training and the City’s communication to you was and continues to be vague and the City as of today still has yet to be able to identify who is responsible as a mandated reporter.

As this is stuck at City Human Resources and the City Attorney’s Office, MEA is encouraging any employee who is unsure if they are a mandated reporter to call and email their HR Liaison and/or their City Attorney Liaison until they receive a response.  Attached MEA has provided the HR Liaison assignment list which also includes the phone numbers of those liaisons so it is easier for you to identify who to reach out to.

HR Liaison Assignments-Alphabetical Effective February 27 2024