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MEA Budget Presentation at City Council

Last week, MEA General Manager Mike Zucchet made a presentation to the City Council regarding the City’s 5-year budget outlook.  The video of the 15-minute presentation can be viewed by clicking on this link, playing the video on the upper left hand side of the screen and skipping ahead in the video to minute 55.

In advance of our next contract negotiations, MEA will continue to press the Mayor and City Council on the urgency of increasing pay for City employees.  As you know, we have successfully worked with the Mayor and Council since the expiration of the Proposition B salary freeze to deliver 3.3% pay increases this year and another 3.3% next year.  We have also successfully pushed a number of significant classification-specific special salary adjustments and certification pay increases.  But the City needs to do much more and we will continue to impress upon this City’s leadership the need for more significant pay increases moving forward to make up for the years of salary freezes in the past.