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MEA Negotiating Team

MEA is pleased to announce our new Negotiating Team.  The MEA Negotiating Team is made up of three elected representatives from each of MEA’s four bargaining units, as well as MEA’s Executive Committee, MEA Counsel Ann Smith, and MEA General Manager Mike Zucchet.  Congratulations to the new Team and please thank your colleagues for their work on your behalf!

Professional Unit:

Lara Asato (Public Utilities), Ina Gibson (Library) and Andrew Davenport (Public Utilities).

Supervisory Unit:

Rachel Davenport (Public Utilities),  Michael Prinz (Planning) and Nick Haring (Public Utilities).

Technical Unit:

Jennifer Smith (City Attorney), Jose Bantum (Risk Management) and Anthony Rea (Public Utilities).

Administrative Support and Field Service Unit:

Kathryn Campbell (Library), Bree Mead (Police) and Atur Gilou (City Clerk).

MEA Executive Committee:

Greg Woods (Treasurer), Steve Ramirez (Environmental Services), Francine Howell (City Attorney), Candi Mitchell (Public Utilities), Sam Cerrato (Library), Mary Enyeart (Police), Pete Lynch (Development Services), Joe Miesner (Library), Cat Rivera (Public Utilities), Arnie Reyes (Environmental Services) and Cody Wilkinson (Public Utilities).

Please do not hesitate to contact MEA at 619-264-6632 if you have any questions or if you would like more information about the Negotiating Team.