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MEA’s Prop B Court Filings

Please find electronic copies of MEA’s filings in the 4th District Court of Appeals related to the PERB/Proposition B case which can be downloaded by clicking on the links to the right. The main brief (“Prop B Brief”) is MEA’s response to the City’s challenge of the PERB decision about Prop B. The other brief (“Prop B Boling Response Brief”) is MEA’s response to the Prop B ballot proponents’ challenge to PERB’s Prop B ruling. Both briefs are incredible pieces of work by Ann Smith and are worth a read. The main brief does a great job of walking through the City’s conduct at issue in this litigation; dispelling the City’s arguments that the free speech protections in the US Constitution make that conduct okay; and putting together the case law that makes clear that citizens’ right to ballot initiative is not absolute when the law is otherwise broken.

These briefs have been filed and are now public documents so you are welcome to forward them to colleagues or to anyone who you know to be interested in this issue. We will let you know as soon as we hear from the 4th District Court of Appeals on a hearing date for the case. In the meantime, please feel free to contact MEA (619-264-6632) if you have any questions about the PERB/Prop B case.

Prop B Brief
Prop B Boling Response Brief