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Member in Desperate Need

Dear Fellow San Diego City Employees,

The last day that I was at work was September 8,2009. The very next day I went to the emergency room due to stomach pains and vomiting blood. The following day I was diagnosed with non surgical stomach cancer which after further testing we found out it had spread to my esophagus as well. I am currently awaiting another biopsy test result which may reveal if it has spread into my chest. Needless to say this has been a life changing and shocking event for myself, my wife, stepson and family. We have been informed that I will need to undergo months of debilitating chemotherapy treatments which may or may not save my life. The leave time I currently have is very limited and the treatments have yet to begin. Although I have this disease to deal with my main concern at this time is the well being of my wife and son. I know you are all aware and many have been affected by our current economic crisis which has affected my family directly. My wife has not been able to find work so this leaves us in a very scary financial state especially with this new crisis. I write this letter to you as a plea for help. I am asking if you can please consider donating some or any of your own leave time to the Catastrophic Leave Bank in my name so that I may continue to have some income to pay for basic living expenses while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. I realize the extent of what I am asking of you today and can only hope that you can find it in your hearts to help a family in need. Our deepest thanks in advance for your willingness to help us. Paul Legler

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