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Open Enrollment and Health Benefits Information

Now that Open Enrollment is over, we hope you all were able to add or make changes to your benefits. As a reminder, this will be our last Summer Open Enrollment and the last time our plans will have an August 1st start date. Starting this fall, we will move to a Fall Open Enrollment period, and your plans going forward will have a January 1st effective start date. For additional information about the changes, you can visit SDPEBA’s website, or you can view the City’s Flexible Benefits Booklet (see page 3).

Due to these changes, some of your current benefits will exist on a shortened plan year (that will run from August 1st to December 31st). This means that your deductibles, annual maximums, and yearly allowances are starting over on August 1st, just like any other Open Enrollment, and will reset again on January 1st 2023. For a breakdown see the table below.

Plan Start Date Plan End Date
FY 21 Benefit Period Aug 1st, 2021 July 31st, 2022
FY 22 Shortened Benefit Period Aug 1st, 2022 Dec 31st, 2022
2023 Benefit Period Jan 1st, 2023 Dec 31st, 2023


Some benefits already utilized the calendar year to manage coverage, and those benefits will remain the same. Additionally, any benefits that require a 12 month or other waiting period in-between exams/coverage will still require you to wait a full waiting period since you last used that benefit (e.g., VSP eye exams).

If you have any questions about your coverage, please contact SDPEBA or RISK directly as follows:

SDPEBA: 888-315-8027 or support@sdpeba.org.

For Aflac, Aura Identity Guard, Liberty Mutual, Met Life Dental, Met Life Legal, Nationwide Pet, Purchasing Power, Sharp Health Plan, UNUM LTC, or VSP

RISK Management: 619-236-5924 or benefits@sandiego.gov

For CIGNA, Kaiser, Employee Savings, DMV/FSA, or SAP Enrollment

If you missed making any enrollment changes during this past Open Enrollment, please know that information about the Fall open enrollment period will be available soon.