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2011-2013 MEA Board of Directors Announced

Last night, MEA’s Election Committee counted and tabulated the ballots for the Board of Directors election. Congratulations to the following members who have been elected by their workplace peers to serve on the 2011-2013 MEA Board of Directors:

Business Office: Ramone Lewis

City Attorney: Stephanie Clark and Francine Howell

City Clerk: Tina Davis

City Planning and Community Investments: Howard Greenstein

Debt Management: Jeff Wallace

Development Services: Terri Bumgardener, John Fisher and Pete Lynch

Engineering and Capital Projects: Juan Baligad, Issy Camacho, Graham Hufford and Maurice Brown

Environmental Services: Steve Ramirez and Bill Craig

General Services: Shamellia Cooper

Human Resources: Jan Lord (Second Vice President)

Library: Sam Cerrato, Leslie Simmons, Joe Miesner and Bob Cronk (First Vice President)

Park and Recreation: Becky Cesena, Sarah Erazo and Brian Anthony

Police: Mary Enyeart, Gabrielle Mead, Karen Witherspoon and Kyle Wiggins (Secretary)

Purchasing and Contracting: Alice Daniels

Real Estate Assets: Susan Taylor

Retired Representative: Helen Phillips

Retirement: Jean Evans

Risk Management: Beverly Simmons

Transportation and Storm Water: Natalie de Freitas

Treasurer: Greg Woods

Water: Eleuterio Buquiran, Lisa Goehring, Tony Ruiz (President) and Candi Mitchell (Treasurer)

Thank you again for your willingness to serve!