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2015-2017 MEA Board of Directors Announced

Congratulations to the following members who have been elected by their workplace peers to serve on the 2015-2017 MEA Board of Directors:

City Attorney: Francine Howell

City Clerk: Amy Hill

Communications: Scott Robinson

Development Services: Jeff Robles and Pete Lynch

Environmental Services: Steve Ramirez and Rene Kaprielian

Fire Rescue: Nick Wright

Human Resources: Jan Lord

Library: Joe Miesner, Sam Cerrato, Jennifer Geran and Dominic Marostica

Park and Recreation: Brian Anthony, Sarah Erazo and Michele Chicarelli

Planning: Michael Prinz

Police: Gabrielle Mead and Mary Enyeart

Public Utilities: Candi Mitchell, Stephanie Hoover, Catherine Rivera, Cody Wilkinson, Sammie Taylor and Erika Mc Neill

Public Works: Thomas Battaglia, Juan Baligad, Issy Camacho and Graham Hufford

Purchasing & Contracting: Beverly Asbill-Gumbs

Transportation & Storm Water: Arnilda Reyes

Treasurer’s Office: Greg Woods

Real Estate Assets: Susan Taylor

Thank you again for your willingness to serve!