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Accident coverage starts immediately but you pay nothing until August 2017!

What is Aflac Group Accident Insurance?

The 2011 National Safety Council reported that 38.9 million people (about 1 out of 8 people) sought medical treatment for an injury in 2009. Using those statistics, that translates to over 400 MEA members seeking treatment (not counting their family members) for an accident each year.

Nobody plans to be in an accident, but when it happens, Aflac group accident insurance pays MEA members directly. The plan pays benefits that can be used toward medical expenses that major medical insurance was never intended to cover like everyday bills, rent, mortgages, utilities and groceries.

Aflac accident insurance pays benefits for injuries that happen both on and off the job. Accidental injuries that you seek treatment for (including but not limited to work-related, motorcycle, car and sports related injuries) may qualify for a claim. Whether you suffer a fracture, torn ligament, dislocation or even cuts and burns, this plan will provide benefits, regardless of whether you miss work or not. An accidental death benefit (up to $100,000) and a wellness benefit ($60 for routine exams, paid once per year, per covered person, beginning in the second year) are also included.

Many members have used these cash benefits to take time off in order to be with an injured child or spouse. Other members didn’t realize that State Disability is not available for City employees, and when they got hurt, they were expected to have enough vacation time saved up to cover the time off.

One of the greatest features of this plan is that the coverage begins the day after you sign up, but payroll deductions do not start until August 2017. This means that you and your family can have this great protection for free until August 2017.

What are current policyholders saying?

“I recently added the Accident and Hospitalization coverage.  I pay for my husband’s medical plan but if anything happens to him he won’t get paid through his job because he’s too new.  I knew AFLAC would come in handy towards our bills if anything happened. To my surprise, I broke my wrist twice and my elbow once. I had no problem submitting my 3 separate claims and I was totally shocked with the money I received from my plan just for breaking a bone.”

Donna Taylor – Police Investigative Service Officer II

When can I sign up?

The Group Aflac enrollment website is open and will close on June 30. All members can sign up online at www.Aflac.com/SDMEA or by contacting Will Stover directly.

How do I get more information on the rates and plan options?

Like most Group Benefit plans, it is important to understand the exclusions, limitations and your schedule of benefits. This information can be found online at www.Aflac.com/SDMEA.

In addition to the website, an Aflac benefits specialist will be visiting various work locations in order to answer all your questions, to provide plan details and rates, as well as to assist with enrollment and claims. Please visit MEA’s website (www.sdmea.org) to see the benefit open house schedule. To set up a meeting with a benefit specialists, or to get more information on rates and plan options, please feel free to contact Will Stover at (619) 535-7240 or wstover@integratedlabor.com.