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Aflac Group Accident Plan: Free Coverage until August 2018

All eligible members can get Group Aflac Accident insurance for less than $8/PP!

“As anyone knows, tragic and unfortunate accidents don’t have planned dates and times. I was hospitalized after a major head injury, and I needed help. Like many people, I didn’t have a backup plan or extra funds to help me. I am so fortunate to have had Aflac’s coverage and the help from our Aflac Team. The claims process was easy and I was able to focus on my recovery. I would recommend Aflac to anyone who has an active lifestyle, or hobbies that can be dangerous or unpredictable.” — Robert, Torrey Pines

What is Aflac Group Accident Insurance?

Nobody plans to be in an accident, but when it happens, Aflac benefits are there to pay you directly. The benefits can be used to cover your rent, mortgage, utility bills, gas, travel, daycare, or however you see fit. The Group Accident plan pays benefits that can be used toward medical expenses that major medical insurance was never intended to cover like everyday bills, rent, mortgages, utilities and groceries.

Aflac accident insurance pays benefits for injuries that happen both on and off the job. Below are a few examples of accidental injuries we file claims for daily.

Like Robert mentioned above, you never know when something will happen, but with the Aflac Accident plan, you can be prepared for it when it does. Whether you suffer a fracture, torn ligament, dislocation, or even cuts and burns, this plan will provide benefits, regardless of whether you miss work. An accidental death benefit (up to $100,000), and a wellness benefit ($60 for routine exams), are also included.

One of the greatest features of the Group Accident plan is that the coverage begins the day after you sign up, but payroll deductions do not start until August 24th, 2018. This means that you and your family can have this great protection for free until your deductions begin.

When can I sign up?

The Group Aflac enrollment website is open until June 30th at 9pm. All eligible members can sign up online at www.AFLAC.com/SDMEA or by contacting Will Stover directly.

How do I get more information on the rates and plan options?

All the plan information is available at www.Aflac.com/SDMEA. In addition to the website, an Aflac Benefit Specialist will be visiting various work locations to answer questions, to provide plan details and rates, as well as to assist with enrollment and claims. To set up a meeting with a Benefit Specialist, or to get more information on rates and plan options, please contact Will Stover at will@sdpeba.org or 619-535-7240.