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Aflac Group Enrollment is Open!

The FY18 Group Aflac enrollment period is open and goes until June 30. The Group Aflac enrollment website (www.Aflac.com/SDMEA) is also open and all three plans (Group Accident, Critical Illness and Group Hospital) are available with guaranteed issue to all eligible employees.

What is Aflac?

Aflac is supplemental insurance that provides you and your family with cash in your time of need. Accidental injuries (both on and off the job), major illnesses (including cancer and heart disease), doctor visits and hospital stays (due to covered sicknesses) and much more are all covered through the multiple plan options which are available to all MEA members.

We all have medical insurance that pays doctors and hospital bills, but what about other everyday expenses and unexpected costs? All Aflac benefits are paid to you directly, regardless of how much your health insurance covers or whether or not you miss any time off work. These benefits can be used to cover your rent, mortgage, utility bills, gas, travel, daycare or however you see fit.

What do current policyholders say?

“I’ve been with the City of San Diego for almost 25 years now and I never thought about getting supplemental coverage.  I was surprised what plans Aflac offered at such reasonable rates.  My wife has been admitted to the hospital many times due to health issues.  It’s nice to know that I can take time off work to be with my wife, knowing Aflac has me covered. The Aflac agents are very helpful in handling my claims and answering any questions that I have.  I would recommend this to all my fellow coworkers.  This was the best decision that I made three years ago.”

– Jay Kodama – Parking Enforcement

When can I sign up?

The Group Aflac enrollment website is open until June 30. All eligible MEA members can sign up online at www.Aflac.com/SDMEA or by contacting Will Stover directly.

How do I get more information on the rates and plan options?

All plan information is available at www.Aflac.com/SDMEA. In addition to the website, an Aflac Benefit Specialist will be visiting various work locations to answer questions, to provide plan details and rates, as well as to assist with enrollment and claims. Please visit www.sdmea.org for a list of the scheduled department visits.

To set up a meeting with a Benefit Specialist, or to get more information on rates and plan options, please contact Will Stover at wstover@integratedlabor.com or 6