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Catastrophic and Medical Leave Requests

Hi, I’m Ana Vasquez and I’ve worked for the SDPD for over 10 years. Unfortunately it’s been a long struggle for me as I’ve been suffering from debilitating chronic pelvic pain for as long as I can remember. It has progressed over the years from a semi-functional to non-functional quality of life that has intermittently taken me out of work on multiple occurrences for different lengths of time. Due to so many missed hours, I have exhausted my Annual Leave and no longer qualify for FMLA and/or LTD.

Whatever hours you can spare would be greatly appreciated as I am currently struggling to attend even half-time work hours under my current poor condition.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ana Vasquez


My name is Makia and I’m a single mother of two boys, ages 12 and 16. I am currently a word processor operator for PUD Long Range Planning & Water Resources Division. I have worked for the City for a little over 12 years. Towards the end of November 2015, I began utilizing FMLA to take care of my 16 year old son who was diagnosed with lung cancer. In April 2016, he had major surgery to remove tumors from his left lung which was a success, but he had major complications afterwards. His 3 day hospital stay turned into a month long stay due to his lungs collapsing.

Now we’re dealing with cancer that has spread throughout his whole right lung. We have tried numerous chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumors with no success. So now we’re trying a new chemotherapy that will take 7 cycle treatments. His treatments take place on three Fridays out of the month with only one Friday off to rest. If this chemotherapy is not successful, my son will have to undergo major surgery to have his right lung completely removed in order to get rid of all the tumors.

I have had to take leave without pay to take my son to his appointments. Unfortunately, I am the only source of income for my household. Any time that you’re able to bless me with to take care of my son will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for taking time to read my story and for your consideration.

Makia M. Simpson-Siam Awadien

Hello.  My name is Michael Mosco.  I am currently a DNA Criminalist for the San Diego Police Department Crime Lab and have been an employee here for roughly 7 months.  Just recently I had to take an emergency trip to my hometown of Brooklyn, NY to provide extra care for my ailing father.   For approximately 8 years he has been suffering from a progressive neurological disease.  The disease has confined him to a wheelchair and requires him to have 24hr care (provided by my mother).  Beginning on 3/10/17, he contracted pneumonia which, combined with his weakened condition, made breathing extremely labored and coughing impossible.  Early on there was a good chance he would not recover.   I flew in to be by his side and spent 3/11-3/21 providing extra care and overnight supervision within the hospital.  I am happy to report that by 3/20 the infection was cleared and his regular breathing returned.  He returned home on 3/21, albeit with a ventilator and additional equipment and home nursing service.

As a result of this trip, and due to the fact I am a relatively new employee, I exhausted all of my banked leave by the middle of 3/16.  Any amount of leave time assistance to cover the remaining days (until 3/21) would be greatly appreciated. Anyone able to provide leave time assistance may contact your payroll specialist for the proper paperwork.

Thank you for reading and for your consideration.


My name is Monica Steward. I have worked for the City and Police Department for well over 20 years. I currently work SDPD/ Permits & Licensing/VICE Unit. In November 2016, I began utilizing Family Medical Leave Act program (FMLA) for my own personal illness intermittently throughout the year. For the past few months, it was necessary to take a number of days off work due to my FMLA illness. As a consequence, I have been exhausting paid leave time during some pay periods. That has caused me to go without pay on occasion. I am the only source of income in my household, and I humbly request any hours to support my FMLA time off.

Your gift of leave time assistance would be graciously appreciated. Anyone able to provide leave time assistance may contact your payroll specialist for the proper paperwork.

Thank you very much for considering my situation.

Monica Steward

Hi my name is Donna Taylor and I have been employed with the City for 30 years.  I am a Police Investigative Service Officer II with the Police Department assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children’s Task Force.

Over the past few years I have been having serious knee pain which has been progressively getting worse.  It was eventually determined I would need surgery.

In March, I will have my first knee replacement surgery.  I have been told that my recovery will take 4 to 6 months.  If everything goes well, I will then have my second knee replaced 2 to 4 months later.  I would gratefully appreciate any amount of time that you can donate.  Thank you so much.


Donna Taylor

Hello my name is Mariann Misleh and I’ve been working as a PISO (Police Investigative Service Officer) since September 2015. I was supposed to have surgery on January 9, 2017, however, two days before my surgery, I had a family emergency and had to cancel it. My older brother who is 53, extremely healthy, thin, exercises daily and has never been to the hospital since birth, collapsed in his kitchen on January 6, 2017. He went into convulsions and had to crawl to the phone to call 911. My brother had an aortic aneurysm and his heart enlarged and his aorta tore into his neck which can cause brain damage or a stroke. Thank god that didn’t happen but he isn’t out of the woods just yet. My brother had to have emergency open heart surgery for 10 hours the same day or else he would of died of a rupture. I also help take care of my elderly mother who is unable to care for my brother during his recovery. I am his primary caregiver at this time. I don’t have any hours to cover me while I have been off for a month and I’ve had to take time off without pay. I will also have to take 6 weeks off without pay when I reschedule my surgery after my brother recovers. I would appreciate it so much if anyone is willing to donate some hours to help me out. Thank you so much in advance.


Hello, my name is Ron Hite and I work in Parking Enforcement as a PEO1.  I am having surgery on January 25, 2017 for cancer.  I am requested any donations of hours to help me through the recovery period.  It is estimated that the recovery period will be 4 weeks and I do not have enough hours to cover the amount of time.  Any donation of hours you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to a full recovery and the continuation of my job until retirement.  Thank you in advance for any donations you can provide.

Thank you,

Ronald Hite

My name is Amor Fabay Figuracion and I work in the Communications Department.  I have been on intermittent Family Leave since September 14, 2016 when my oldest son was diagnosed and hospitalized with Aplastic Anemia, a bone marrow disease.  Since then, I’ve been taking him 2 days a week for lab work and doctor visits which require 4 to 8 hours when he needs transfusions.  In the next two months, possibly earlier, he will be admitted to Rady Children’s Hospital for an extended stay (4 to 6 weeks ) to undergo a bone marrow transplant.

My wife and I are both close to exhausting all of our leave time.  In addition, my wife will soon be on FMLA without pay to care for our youngest son who was born last June 15.

Unfortunately, I will not have enough leave hours to cover the time off when my son undergoes his bone marrow transplant.  I am humbly requesting any hours and support that you would be able to provide as my family deals with the challenges at hand.  If you are able to help, kindly contact your payroll specialist for the paperwork.  Thank you very much in advance for your kind support.


Amor F. Figuracion