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Communications Department Labor Management Committee (LMC) Meeting Update

Attendees: Katie Keach, Alex Handy, Cathleen Higgins (MEA Representative), Scott Robinson, Lisa Goehring, Erik Hansen (Human Resources Representative)

Agenda Items:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Scott Robinson discussed the potential need for certain employees in the department to have personal protective equipment (hard hats, safety goggles, reflective vests, steel toed shoes) as a requirement for specific construction sites as it relates to CIP projects. After a significant discussion, management agreed to look into options that included equipment that could be used universally by all staff as press/work situations warrant.
  2. Workloads/Staffing levels/vacancies/new team members: A discussion was held about workload issues and management requested that if folks have individual concerns about workload issues, please make them aware of your concerns by speaking with them directly. Management is trying to be more consistent in communicating job duties and responsibilities to address past issues with work expectations of staff. It was agreed that specific workload issues, as it relates to individual staff members, is not the appropriate issue to discuss at an LMC. Management updated the committee with information about the recent hiring of a new Deputy Director, Tracy Cambre Morales. She will be assisting the Director in staff support and outreach. Currently, the department has openings for 2 Senior PIO positions and 1 Multimedia Production Coordinator. The expectation is these positions should be filled within the next few months.
  3. Pool vehicles: Scott Robinson discussed that one employee requested access to a City pool/rental vehicle so that they could utilize public transit rather than driving their own vehicle to work in an effort to be environmentally sensitive. Management reminded the committee that an employee is required to provide their own transportation for work as a job requirement. MEA also reminded the committee that they negotiated a mileage reimbursement plan to properly compensate employees that use their personal vehicles for City functions. Management agreed to table the discussion and address the issue on a case by case basis.
  4. Overtime: Due to past practices with the use of overtime, management is now enforcing the A.R. as it relates to overtime requests. Management understands the need for overtime but respectfully requests that employees follow the A.R. and/or discuss their individual needs directly with management prior to working any overtime.
  5. OCA opportunity update: Management supports the use of OCA and is currently using OCA to backfill 1 vacant position with qualified staff. Management agreed to provide notice and status updates of OCA opportunities to staff.
  6. Restoration of the Alternate Work Schedule: Management is open to the discussion of resuming the (AWS) in the future but has requested that this be tabled until the next scheduled LMC in order to address staff vacancies and workloads. Management continues to work with folks on a case by case basis for time off requests.
  7. Next meeting scheduled: July 21, 2016 (tentatively)
  8. Meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.