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DSD LMC Update

Your DSD LMC met on 7/16/13 with members of DSD management, including Interim Director Tom Tomlinson and new Planning Director Bill Fulton. We discussed the following subjects:

1. DSD Budget and Staffing:

The health of the DSD budget supports increased staffing throughout the department at all levels. Management reported that many interview processes have taken place, or are about to begin.

2. Building Improvements:

Some building improvements will be taking place soon. Management stated that the “front half” of the 3rd floor (Self-help and Screening areas) will be redesigned in the next month or so.

3. PTS:

The department is continuing to explore and research possible replacement of PTS in response to an audit and subsequent requests from City Council. The department is not committed to replacing PTS unless a side-by-side comparison shows an alternate system offers improvement over the current system.

4. DSD/Planning split:

Meetings with employee units/sections began last week and will be taking place throughout the next few weeks. MEA has been invited to attend and will do so whenever possible. Planning Director Bill Fulton stated that he hopes to have decisions about what the departments will look like made by sometime in August. Employees should continue to report to their supervisors or Deputy Directors.