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DSD LMC Update

The DSD LMC met on 2/19/13 to discuss the following items:

1. Budget/Staffing

There is a projected $3 million budget surplus for the department. The department is moving to restore its reserves to a goal of 7%, as required by the City Council, within the next 2 years. Approximately 30 new positions have been approved. Note that these positions vary throughout the department and are in both the general and enterprise fund. Flat fees for engineering and mapping have been drafted and will be presented to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) next month. The department is also exploring flat fees for certain discretionary projects.

2. PTS

A possible replacement for PTS is being considered. DSD Management is presently exploring replacements which have enhanced capabilities. Other agencies within the county are shifting to a common software provider that DSD management is researching.

3. State audit

The state auditors have completed their in-house research and no longer require office space in the building. Their summary finding will be provided to the department once completed.

4. Building Improvements

Kelly confirmed that there will be limited improvements made to some public areas of the building, including lobby spaces, training rooms and restrooms. Please contact your Employee Advisory Committee (EAC) member for details. Kelly also stated that window washing for the entire building is scheduled for the end of the “rainy season”.