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DSD LMC Update

The DSD/Planning/Code Enforcement LMC met on 10/18/2016 and discussed the following issues:

  1. The Committee was briefed on the new DSD OpenCounter Program obtained from the City’s Economic Development Department. The Zoning and Planning tool helps business owners understand where and under what conditions their business is allowed. This is a tool for the public and will be used for informational purposes only. The benefit of this program to the department will be to distribute and clarify information to first time applicants, as well as to assist the public with navigating the 2,284 pages of Chapters 11-15 of the LDC. The Committee raised concerns that this could be a way to begin eliminating staff that currently perform this service but was assured that that is not the intent of this program.
  2. The Committee received an update on the Sempra Building which was just approved for purchase by Council on October 17, 2016. Many thanks to Jack Canning and MEA General Manager Mike Zucchet for their testimony at Council which included a very impassioned presentation by Jack describing the substandard working conditions at COB. His testimony was very well received by the Council and helped to defer any ideas of other uses for the building. Thank you Jack! The department plans to bring in the City’s hired architect Ginsler, to do an initial review of the space but will be seeking additional input from the employees as to what would be most beneficial for their work needs. At this point, the entire lobby, as well as the first two floors, will be utilized by DSD, Planning and Code Enforcement. The tentative time frame for moving folks into the new location will be the beginning of July 2017, dependent on the necessary tenant improvements that will need to be done. The building is in excellent condition and is LEED certified.
  3. The next LMC meeting is tentatively set for December 20, 2016.