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DSD LMC Update

The DSD Labor Management Committee (LMC) met on March 15, 2016 and discussed the following:

  1. A selection committee was formed for the department’s Rewards and Recognition Program in accordance with the new Administrative Regulation. The announcement regarding the members of the Selection Committee was made to all staff shortly after the LMC meeting. Please contact your DSD LMC members with any questions about the new committee.
  2. There is much speculation about DSD/Planning’s new location. Please remember that rumors are not fact. The fact is that progress is being made on negotiating the terms of a new lease. As soon as a lease has been approved by City Council and signed, the new location will be announced.
  3. The department continues to hire across all areas. Management reports DSD now has 531 positions and plans to hire approximately 70 more staff members within the six months; 35 in the current fiscal year and another 35 by the first quarter of FY17. These are currently vacant positions.