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DSD LMC Update

The DSD LMC met in December and January and discussed the following:

1. Safety issues with the footbridge to the Parkade:

Following the resurfacing of the foot bridge, the surface was slippery in some areas and caused a few people to slip and fall, resulting in injuries. A “test patch” was put down to evaluate for additional resurfacing. The whole bridge is due to be resurfaced with the same material as in the “test patch”. It is scheduled for completion over President’s Day weekend, 2/12-2/15.

2. Code Enforcement Relocation:

Employees in the Code Enforcement section who moved to Exec Complex have reported issues with the climate control system. DSD Management reported that property management for Exec Complex was working on repairs to the boilers and expected them to be completed last week. Please report any heating/cooling issues you continue having.

3. Status of DSD Relocation:

Management continues to explore options to move to a new building. The City is currently in lease negotiations. If the current plan is executed, the entire department, as well as the Planning Department, will move to the new location within walking distance of City Hall. Employees at Ridgehaven will remain at their current location. When there is a signed lease, a committee of staff members will be formed to be involved with space planning. If all goes as planned, Management expects to announce the new location and expected move date within the next few months.

4. Hiring, Retention & Recruitment:

The Department continues to hire across all areas.