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DSD LMC Update

Meeting notes from August 18th, 2015 DSD Labor Management Meeting:

Building update: MEA was notified in early August of an on-going issue with the ventilation/HVAC system in the building, especially on the 3rd floor, leaving folks either incredibly cold or uncomfortably warm. MEA immediately notified HR and they worked with both building maintenance and DSD management to get a vendor on board to immediately address the problem. The vendor worked over two weekends to try and resolve the temperature issues. After a few starts and stops during some of the hottest weather we have experienced lately, the ventilation system seems to be working better. Special thanks to Jack Canning for his diligence in making sure MEA and management knew when things were not going well and folks were struggling to work under such miserable conditions. With that said, everyone will agree that the COB building is in serious need of significant repairs and improvements and we have been assured by DSD management that they are diligently working to either make the necessary investments in the building or find another location. At this point, the emphasis is on finding another location. MEA will continue to press the Mayor and Council on making sure the City provides the employees in this building a good working environment that has been so sorely lacking these past few years. We were also informed that management is working with staff to do a thorough clean-up of old furniture, cabinets and cubicles so that more room can be found to house the new staff coming on board. MEA is pleased that management is pro-actively looking to improve and enhance the appearance and space in the building in the short run. Stay tuned for more updates soon. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to Cathleen Higgins at chiggins@sdmea.org if further issues arise.

Staffing update: New staff has been hired however, the department is experience some of the negative impacts of Prop B with its recruitment and hiring. Outside hires are having to take pay cuts to come work for the City and new hires are leaving after a few days to go back to the private sector for better pay. MEA continues to work closely with the Mayor and Council to keep them apprised of these significant setbacks in hiring as a direct result of Prop B.

Fee Survey/Study Update: The results of the fee study should be released soon and included in the report will be a long term funding source identified for future building maintenance/improvements for DSD so that we never have to let infrastructure needs go unaddressed again when we face another economic downturn like we experienced in 2009.

Special thanks: Goes to Bob Vacchi and Elyse Lowe for the successful Staff Development Day last month that was a huge success with the employees and helped build much needed comradery and a few new friendships to boot!