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DSD LMC Update

The DSD LMC met on August 19, 2014 and discussed the following agenda items:

1. Elevator/Maintenance Issues:

The Elevator outage will hopefully be resolved within the week. As of Tuesday, 8/26/14, two elevators are up and running. The outage was caused by a SDG&E power surge that affected multiple buildings in the downtown area. It was this surge that is responsible for breakdown of the elevator motors. Replacement parts were difficult to locate, resulting in the lengthy delay in repairs. Devices will be installed to protect against future power surges. This incident has brought to the forefront issues with deferred maintenance in COB. Management reported that Facilities division will be providing a report of all downtown facilities to identify building deficiencies and make recommendations. Please see the attachment to review a copy of a letter sent to COO Scott Chadwick last week, outlining MEA’s concerns with the condition of COB and deferred maintenance. Management is aware of building maintenance needs, takes them seriously, and is looking at ways those needs can be addressed. Management also plans to initiate a discussion with City Facilities Division to address general cleanliness concerns, including increasing dusting and vacuuming.

Management stated that plans to renovate the 3rd floor pedestrian bridge to better meet accessibility requirements are underway. The LMC will be updated as those plans progress.

2. Issues from Management:

Finding a replacement for PTS is currently a work in progress with Purchasing & Contracting.

OpenDSD Phase I is expected to roll out early next month. Phase II is slated for the end of November.

Management is evaluating the possibility of extended hours one evening a week and one Saturday a month.

Management is also considering a self-certification program for discretionary permit completeness checks and photo-voltaic plan review.

The LMC will be updated on the status of these items.

3. DSD Budget and Staffing issues:

Submittals and permit issuance have both increased over previous years. Staffing has also increased. Department continues to hire for vacancies across all areas in accordance with workload.

Letter to Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer