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Good News! MEA-negotiated Special Salary Adjustments begin to hit paychecks this week

Last year, MEA members ratified the current MOU which includes both general and special salary increases (SSAs). We are happy to remind you that effective January 1, your classification received an SSA, and that increase will begin to be seen in this week’s paycheck.

Since January 1 occurred in the middle of a pay period, only about half of the impact of your salary increase will be felt in this week’s paycheck. In the paycheck you receive two weeks from now, the full effect of the January 1 portion of your SSA will be realized. More information can be found in Article 21 of the MOU or in the attached PDF excerpts from Article 21 of the MOU.

This achievement is the product of MEA’s multi-year advocacy campaign for more competitive pay and benefits for MEA-represented employees. MEA’s entire leadership team, its staff and legal counsel have all been single-minded in their focus to secure this level of general and special salary increases.

This is a good start to addressing the long-standing recruitment and retention problems facing the City but there is more work to do. Help us maintain the momentum by staying involved and helping your coworkers understand how we can move forward together to build a better City for employees and residents alike.

What’s Next?

The City has started the budget process for the new fiscal year. MEA has been sharing what we hear from you, our members, with the Mayor, Councilmembers, and Departments. Your involvement as a member helps us provide recommendations on the priorities informing the Mayor’s Proposed Budget, and then through the deliberations to the final Budget approval in June. Please continue to reach out and share your experiences with us.

Have questions? Need assistance?

Your MEA Labor Relations Officers are here for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to info@sdmea.org or 619-264-6632.

Article 21, Salaries – Excerpt