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Important Message Regarding Two Anti-Union Petition Initiatives

We strongly urge you to NOT sign any petitions in the City of San Diego.

The latest assault on workers who enjoy the benefits of a union in San Diego is here in the form of deceptive ballot initiatives that are currently being circulated for signatures.  Extremists like City Councilmember Carl DeMaio have publically said they are in an all out battle to make San Diego the “Wisconsin of the West” by attacking workers, collective bargaining rights and retirement security in an effort to destroy ALL unions.

Right now, they are gathering signatures on at least two initiatives that could seriously undermine middle class workers:

“Comprehensive Pension Reform.”  This initiative leaves City workers hired after 2012 without any guaranteed retirement benefits, not even Social Security.

“Fair and Open Competition.”  This initiative would take away collective bargaining for local construction workers and ban policies that require local workers on projects funded by local taxpayer dollars.

Please, DON’T SIGN THE ANTI-UNION PETITIONS, and urge your family, neighbors and friends NOT TO SIGN THE ANTI-UNION PETITIONS.  Remind them that the names are deceptive!

If you would like to do more, please call the MEA office at 619-264-6632 for more information about volunteer opportunities to help defeat these initiatives.  Thank you!