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June 2010 Election Night Coverage

Like most important elections, June 8th was an event filled with excitement and anticipation. A small group of MEA representatives, including First and Second Vice Presidents Bob Cronk and Jan Lord and MEA staff member Cathleen Higgins, spent the day lending their support to MEA-endorsed candidates Howard Wayne in San Diego City Council District 6 and David Alvarez in District 8.

Their day started with calling residents on behalf of David to remind them that their vote was crucial in such a closely contested election. Afterward, they drove to Howard Wayne’s campaign headquarters and called District 6 residents and checked the various polling locations dispersed throughout the district. Thanks to Bob, Jan and Cathleen for volunteering their time in order to help get Howard and David one step closer to being elected!

This past election night wasn’t like years past because Golden Hall was not the central meeting location for all candidates. Due to a labor dispute with members of IATSE Local 122, Golden Hall was boycotted by most Democratic candidates and their supporters. Boycotters started marching with signs and flyers in hand in the early morning, and continued to picket Golden Hall throughout the night.

Out of respect for the picket, many candidates moved their election night festivities just a few blocks from Golden Hall to The W Hotel. There, volunteers, candidates and political spectators watched as the election night results began to trickle in. Although some candidates and ballot measures were more closely contested than others, the evening was filled with highs, lows and lingering late night hopes.

In the end, all MEA-endorsed candidates won outright or are contenders in the November General election. We look forward to November’s outcome and remain hopeful that our candidates will prevail in order to have elected representatives who will remain truthful and will follow the law instead of the politics of the day when it comes to issues that affect MEA employees.