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Library Schedule Vote

Dear Library Department MEA Members:

Pursuant to the agreement that was reached in December 2015 regarding work schedules, the six month trial period of the 3 Day/1 Day Weekend Schedule has been completed. It is now time for employees to determine whether to stay with the current schedule or change to an alternating Friday/Saturday schedule.

Your Library representatives on the Labor Management Committee brought forward all of your feedback at the March 29th and June 7th meetings. We understand the importance of work schedules to each employee, and we presented your concerns and unique solutions. Ultimately, management is agreeable to either the 3 Day/1 Day schedule or the alternating Friday/Saturday schedule. We acknowledge that each schedule can create hardships for employees and have tried to balance that with the operational needs of the department.

Please vote on the schedule you would prefer by downloading and printing the ballot on the upper right of this page. Please return it to MEA by either emailing your ballot to nroberts@sdmea.org, fax to 858-300-3898, or drop it off at the MEA office at 9620 Chesapeake Drive, Suite 203, San Diego, 92123. Please have your ballot submitted no later than Friday, August 26, 2016.

Your name is required so we can ensure that each person only votes once. Your name and ballot will remain confidential.