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Lindquist Audit Concerning Chargeable Expenditures

Hopefully by now you have received a letter from MEA which discusses the annual audit performed by the organization’s independent auditors, Lindquist LLP. The audit is conducted each year in order to determine what percentage of expenses is chargeable to agency fee payers. The Lindquist audit determined that 96.86% of the total expenditures are “chargeable” to agency fee payers. (To read the letter sent to MEA fee payers and the Lindquist audit, please click on the links to the right.)

If you are currently an agency fee payer, we would strongly encourage you to join MEA as a full member in order to be entitled to the full range of benefits including the right to be represented by MEA on ALL matters concerning your employment, to vote on MEA’s negotiated contract, to serve on the Negotiating Team and/or Board of Directors, to purchase discount movie and theme park tickets and to have access to free notary services. Although you receive a great deal more as a member, it actually only costs an average of $1.40 more a month to be a full member. If you have any questions regarding the differences, please feel free to contact MEA at 619-264-6632. You can also download a membership application by clicking on the third link to the right.

Letter to Fee Payers
Membership Application
Lindquist Audit