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LMC Meeting Minutes, February 19, 2019

ATTENDANCE: Mike Hansen, Michael Prinz, Emerald Muz, Elyse Lowe, Jeff Robles, Afsaneh Ahmadi, Ryan Hay, Greg Hopkins, Leslie Sennett, Jonnabelle Dominguez, Franklin Coopersmith, Nick Wright, Cathleen Higgins

MEETING TIME: 10:00 am

LMC MINUTES: There were no minutes from the last meeting read.

101 ASH: Currently everything involving the 101 Ash project is on time and on budget. Currently looking at Executive Team, workflow, and efficiency standards to determine staffing of the building. Being open and thoughtful in regards to positioning and the needs of the employees.

All desks are being repurposed within 101 Ash, and there will be an open work space in each area. This will provide adequate space for EE’s to open their plans. The configuration of cubicles meet the City’s standards.

Target time-frame for move in is some time in the Fall and currently waiting on the exact date from Real Estate Assets Department. Staff will move, and not the records. The department is looking into reclassifying two WPO positions into Auto Messengers.

The current sidewalk closure incorporating pedestrian controls and traffic lights should be completed in May.

ACCELA: Moving forward with plans to bring on the next phase of ACCELA which is discretionary projects. The main goal will be transitioning all of the processes to an electronic format, including digitizing what exists and what will come to go fully paperless. Management will have Lisa Celaya attend next month to make a presentation on what the new system will look like.

GET-IT-DONE: Currently there is an addressing issue between Get-It-Done and Code Enforcement. That is being addressed by IT. Not having an impact to current field staff as all formatted cases are being manually shipped through ACCELA intake.

BUDGET: MEA advised of our budget priority list that went to City Council. We are asking priorities to be filling large amount of vacancies currently in the city. Infrastructure needs people to do the work.