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MEA Board of Directors Election Results

Dear Board Candidates:

On the evening of Monday, Aug. 31, the Election Committee opened and counted all of the ballots for MEA’s Board of Directors election.  Before being opened, each envelope was screened to ensure that the person voting was an active MEA member and that no one submitted more than one ballot.  The winners of the election from each department are as follows:


City Attorney:

Stephanie Clark

Deanna Walker

Francine Howell


City Clerk:

Sheila Beale


City Planning & Community Investments:

Howard Greenstein


Development Services:

Pete Lynch

Ananta Baidya

John Fisher

Mark Chrysler

John Sylvester


Engineering & Capital Projects:

Isabelle Camacho

Juan Baligad

Graham Hufford


Environmental Services:

Steve Ramirez

William Craig


Fire Communications:

Kimberly Kahn


General Services:

Shamellia Cooper


Human Resources:

Jan Lord



Chun Chi Ma

Leslie Simmons



Ron Brown


Park & Recreation:

David Lugo

Rebecca Cesena



Kyle Wiggins

Karen Witherspoon

Gabrielle Mead

Connie Higgins


Public Utilities/Water:

Lisa Goehring

Carmel Honeycutt

Eleuterio Buquiran

Candi Mitchell


Real Estate Assets:

Susan Taylor



Jean Evans



Gregory Woods

Susan Hurst


Congratulations to all of the winners and welcome to the Board!  Our work begins next week, with our first Board meeting on Wednesday, September 9 at 11:00 a.m.  The meeting will be held at Marina Village on Mission Bay in the Dockside Room.  The Board will be formally sworn in and lunch will be served.  Our guest speaker for the installation luncheon will be Tony Perry with the Los Angeles Times, and our business meeting will follow the lunch.  More information about the meeting will be coming soon from Tony Ruiz and MEA staff.




Lisa Goehring

Elections Committee Chair