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MEA Board of Directors Election Scheduled

MEA is seeking members to run for election to the MEA Board of Directors. The current directors’ terms will expire on September 14, 2011.

According to MEA’s Bylaws, employees from every City Department are entitled to representation on the Board. Each department elects from 1 to 4 board members depending on the size of the department and its geographical make-up.

MEA’s Board meets the second Wednesday of every month and makes decisions on behalf of the 4,000 City employees who MEA represents.

In the past, MEA Negotiating Teams have negotiated the ability for Board members to attend Board meetings on City release time. This means all members may participate from every City department – no matter your work schedule and regardless of whether your management thinks they can afford to let you off for those meetings!

While this makes it a little easier to participate in the meetings, remember that board members have other expected time commitments that are on your own personal time. In addition to attendance at all meetings, some activities may be after work or on an occasional Saturday.

Being elected by your co-workers to represent them on the MEA Board is an honor as well as a responsibility. Please be sure you are willing and able to commit the necessary time to do the job:

• The Board makes decisions on behalf of all MEA-represented employees Citywide.

• The Board is responsible for approving MEA’s budget and setting policy on all MEA issues as well as overseeing, via the Board’s Executive Committee, the day to day financial and operational business of MEA.

• Board members are expected to participate in functions and events that MEA sponsors on City time as well as their own personal time.

• Board members must become familiar with and participate in MEA Committees as assigned by the MEA President. Some Committee meetings are held after work hours.

• Board members are expected to keep MEA apprised of employee problems and issues in their workplace.

• Board members are expected to maintain and update all MEA bulletin boards in their departments.

• Board members must attend monthly Board meetings. After three unexcused absences, a board member will be removed. While this may seem harsh, it is important to remember that the MEA Board only meets 12 times per year and if you miss three of those meetings, the members who elected you will not have adequate representation on the Board.

To qualify, prospective board members must be a dues paying MEA member for at least one full year, and must be nominated by having a petition signed by at least 10 MEA MEMBERS in their Department. (If you are from a department with fewer than 20 members, at least half of your department’s members must sign your petition). Board members will be sworn in on September 14th and serve a two-year term.

If you are interested in running for the MEA Board, please complete the attached nominating petition and return to MEA by July 15, 2011. You also need to submit a candidate statement which outlines your qualifications and why you wish to be elected to the Board (150 word maximum). Please mail or deliver your petition and statement to MEA (9620 Chesapeake Drive, Suite 203, San Diego 92123). You may also submit your statement via email to dkealaluhi@sdmea.org. The deadline for all materials is July 15, 2011. If you would like a photo (jpeg only please) included with your statement, please send it via email to dkealaluhi@sdmea.org.

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