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MEA is Now Accepting Applications for New Stewards

MEA is looking for hard working people who care about their fellow workers, are committed to standing up against injustices in the workplace and who are dedicated to keeping MEA strong and united.

To be a MEA Steward you must be impartial, fair, objective and professional. Additional requirements include the ability to quickly grasp facts and to use this information effectively, enthusiastic about your Union work, able to promote the Union to your fellow workers and courageous enough to stand up to management.

In order to become an effective Steward, a candidate must:

  1. Be a full member of MEA and in good standing
  2. Have passed the initial one year probationary period (promotional probation does not apply).
  3. Be a full time, permanent employee of the City of San Diego.
  4. Be in a classification represented by one of MEA’s four bargaining units.
  5. Have their most recent performance evaluation “Meet Standards” (you cannot be on a Supplemental Employee Performance Report).
  6. Not have an active discipline in their personnel file (written counseling, warning, reprimand, etc.).
  7. Not have a property rights discipline less than three years old in their personnel file.
  8. Possess strong leadership skills in the workplace in the advocacy of employee rights and the MOU.
  9. Possess strong analytical skills.
  10. Be an effective communicator (both oral and written).
  11. Be willing and available to listen to the problems, concerns and issues of MEA members.
  12. Be willing to attend all Steward meetings (4th Tuesday of each month).
  13. Lead by example by following MOU, City policies, rules and regulations.
  14. Be willing to work as a Steward on both City and personal time.
  15. Be willing to represent members on low level disciplines, minor grievances and “standard” performance reports (this would take place after an individual has passed all phases of Steward training).

If you are seriously interested in becoming a MEA Steward, please contact Kelly Cruz by March 1, 2019 for more information. She can be reached at KCruz@sdmea.org or by calling 619-264-6632, extension 110.