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MEA Officer Nominating Petition

It is time once again for Officer elections at MEA. Article V of MEA’s By-Laws detail the regulations that govern our union’s elections. Those regulations call for the announcement of procedures to be used to nominate candidates.

If you qualify and would like to run for office, please download the attachment to the right or contact MEA at 619.264.6632.

All petitions must be received by MEA prior to the close of the September Board of Directors meeting which will be approximately 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. Please mail the petitions via U.S. mail or interoffice mail to MS 126. An MEA staff member will contact you to confirm receipt of your petition. If you do not receive a phone call, it is your responsibility to follow up with MEA. No late petitions will be accepted.

All candidates will be notified by the Election committee as to the status of their application prior to ballots being prepared.

At the October Board of Directors meeting the Election Committee will report to the Board regarding the eligibility of all applications. At this meeting, all candidates will be given the opportunity to address the Board of Directors as well.

On October 15, 2010, the Election Committee shall prepare and mail a ballot to each member of MEA in good standing, together with a return envelope addressed to the Election Committee at MEA MS 126.

All ballots must be received by U.S. mail, via interoffice mail or by hand-delivery within fifteen (15) days of mailing. All other ballots will be void.

Newly elected Officers shall take office at the Board meeting following certification of election results and serve for two (2) years or until replaced.

If you are interested in running for office, the By-Laws (seen in their entirety at www.sdmea.org) state the following:

Article V, Section 2(a) – At the time of determination of eligibility to be a candidate, a Regular Member must meet all the eligibility requirements for the Board of Directors and must have completed either: a) one (1) full term as a member of the Executive Committee or b) two (2) consecutive years of service as a member of the Board of Directors and possess at least one (1) additional year of qualifying experience exemplifying and promoting the welfare of the Association: Negotiating Team, Stewards, leadership role(s) on committees, or work on special projects sanctioned by the Executive Committee.

Article V, Section 2(e) – Candidates for any office may also be nominated by a nominating petition signed by the candidate and at least ten (10) regular members. All nominating petitions must be filed with the Nominating Committee prior to the close of the September Board of Directors meeting, for review of conformance to nominating requirements. Filing is deemed accomplished upon delivery of the petition to the Nominating Committee Chair.

Article V, Section 2(f) – At the October meeting of the Board of Directors, a portion of the meeting shall be set aside to allow each candidate an equal opportunity to address the meeting, pursuant to rules and procedures to be established by the Election Committee.

If you meet the criteria and would like to serve as an MEA Officer, please download the attachment to the right or contact the MEA office for a nominating petition. You may submit a photograph with your candidate statement if you wish. (Photos must be submitted electronically to dkealaluhi@sdmea.org.) If no statement is submitted, only your name will appear on the ballot. If you have any questions regarding this election please contact the Chair of the Election Committee, Lisa Goehring. Please leave a message for Lisa at the MEA office and she will promptly return your call.

Officer Nominating Petition 2010