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MEA Presentation at City Council Budget Committee

Yesterday, MEA was invited by Chair Barbara Bry to make a presentation to the City Council’s Budget and Government Efficiency Committee related to the City’s Five Year Financial Outlook.

MEA took this opportunity to engage on the accuracy of the City’s Financial Outlook and also to continue to emphasize the City’s employee recruitment and retention crisis and the need to make compensation more competitive with other jurisdictions.

The video of the 20-minute presentation can be viewed by clicking here, playing the video on the left hand side of the screen and skipping ahead to about minute 32.

MEA has and will continue to communicate directly with the Mayor and City Council about the compensation disparity for City workers, and the effect of that pay gap on City vacancies, recruitment and retention, and operations challenges.  We also will continue to help educate the public and citizens we serve of the importance of the City’s human capital and the need to invest in it to support essential City services.