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Media Clips Discussing MEA’s Legal Challenges to the “Pension Reform” Initiative

In MEA’s ongoing effort to keep you apprised of any Sanders/DeMaio “pension reform” ballot updates, we are sending you three recent video clips related to the proposed initiative. Please click on the following link http://granicus.sandiego.gov/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=5035 to watch MEA General Manager Mike Zucchet’s testimony before the City Council where he reasserts that the City is required to meet and confer over the contents of this ballot initiative, and that the City’s refusal to do so will be challenged by MEA in court as a violation of State law. (Mike’s statements begin at 2 hours, 56 minutes and 25 seconds.)

The second link http://www.kusi.com/video?clipId=6525625&autostart=true is a KUSI news story where Mike discusses the initiative and challenges the assertion that Mayor Sanders and other elected officials were acting as private citizens when drafting and promoting this ballot proposal.

The third link http://www.fox5sandiego.com/news/kswb-pension-vote-city-council-to-decides-on-pension-reform-ballot-date-20111205,0,2279033.story is a Fox 5 news story which discusses the initiative and includes an interview with Mike attacking the notion that the proposal will save the City billions and warns of the impending litigation brought about by this ballot initiative.

As we have previously asserted, MEA and our legal counsel Ann Smith believe that various provisions of the ballot initiative violate state law. We are vigorously working on these legal filings and other litigation avenues related to the ballot initiative. We will continue to provide you with updates on these ongoing efforts as well as our efforts to “get the message out” to local media outlets and all San Diegans that the Sanders/DeMaio “pension reform” initiative is both illegal and unwise. Please do not hesitate to contact MEA at 619-264-6632 if you have any questions.