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Results of Retiree Health Election

On Friday, the SDCERS Board of Trustees certified the results of the just-completed Retiree Health Benefits Election.  There were 1901 votes in favor (94%) and 119 votes in opposition (6%) of the new benefit structure previously agreed to by MEA and other City labor organizations.  (Please click here for more information and to read our previous summary of that agreement.)  Thank you to all employees who took the time to vote on this important step in the process.

We have begun work on drafting a new 15-year contract (MOU) with the City, which will likely be voted on by the City Council later this month.  We will then continue to move forward with additional member education related to the new benefit structure, leading up to each employee selecting one of the three benefit options early next year.  As always, we will keep you posted but don’t hesitate to contact your MEA representative if you have any questions.