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Retiree Health Negotiation Update

MEA’s MOU-mandated deadlines on the Retiree Health benefit negotiation with the City have been extended for two weeks.  Previously, final offers from both sides were due on April 1 with an impasse hearing date (if necessary) in front of the City Council on April 12.  The parties have now agreed that the final offers date is April 15 with a possible impasse hearing date of April 26.  The deadlines were extended because both sides agreed that progress could still be made with more time to negotiate.

MEA’s Negotiating Team is well aware that employees who are currently eligible to retire are anxious to learn the resolution of these negotiations because the future of the Retiree Health benefit will be an important factor in the retirement decision for some.  We are mindful of this fact and will provide additional updates as soon as they are available.  We expect there to be some sort of resolution on this issue in the next two weeks.