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Update Regarding Infrastructure Premium Pay for Engineering Services

On June 1, MEA sent an e-blast related to new “Infrastructure Premium Pay for Engineering Services.” A copy of the e-blast is attached.

As we previously communicated, the new 8% pay for “In-Training” Certifications for Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists will be paid on the terms detailed in the e-blast once an employee is EIT or LSIT or GIT certified by California’s Department of Consumer Affairs, Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists.

In addition to the actual EIT/LSIT/GIT certification by the State Board, the 8% certification pay will also be available for employees who qualify for an EIT/LSIT/GIT waiver from the State Board.

The State Board approves In-Training waivers to employees who meet certain education and experience requirements when applying for licensure. For more information on the education and experience requirements necessary for a waiver, please consult the State Board website or contact the Board directly.

This waiver process is conducted by the State Board, not the City, so interested employees will need to go through the State Board’s application and documentation process. Once an employee receives the Board’s waiver approval, that waiver can be provided to the City and the employee’s eligibility for this equivalency certification pay will begin. Eligibility to receive the 8% In-Training pay will continue whether or not the employee ever sits for or passes the professional licensure exam.

We hope this clarifies this point, which many of you have written to MEA about over the last few weeks. Thank you for inquiries and, as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on this or any other issue at 619-264-6632.


MEA Secures Infrastructure Premium Pay for Engineering Services