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Update to DROP Benefit Election

As a follow up to an e-blast we sent a few weeks ago, MEA wants to alert its members that SDCERS (www.sdcers.org) has postponed the DROP Benefit Election at the request of the City. On September 2, MEA wrote you to advise a “NO” vote on the election (please click on the following link to read the original article https://www.sdmea.org/city/vote-no-in-upcoming-drop-benefit-election/ ).

That e-blast was sent based on information from SDCERS that ballots would be mailed out to plan participants by SDCERS on September 3.  After receiving a written request from the City, apparently SDCERS subsequently determined to postpone the election “until further notice.”  MEA will continue to update you when we learn more about the timing of the election.