San Diego
Municipal Employees Association

Stewards Committee

Stewards represent MEA-represented employees on a wide variety of issues ranging from written warnings and counselings to annual performance reports and formal grievances. In their duties of representation, stewards have had written warnings/counselings completely overturned or reduced to an oral warning/counseling, have had negative comments removed from employee performance reports and have resolved most grievances at the first level.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the steward team, please contact Labor Relations Manager, Kelly Cruz at 619-264-6632 if you have any questions or would like additional information.

MEA Stewards


First NameLast NameTitleDepartment
PortiaBellMemberPU Administrative Services
TerrellBreauxMemberPU Administrative Services
MicheleChicarelliMemberCommunity Pks - Disabled Svcs
JimmyLovett JrMemberLibrary
KirkMomonMemberEnvironmental Svcs- Collection
TeresaMorseMemberReal Estate
CaPalmer-ThodileMemberCommunity Pks - Disabled Svcs
IgnacioParra-GonzalezMemberPU Water Delivery Branch
SammieTaylor JrMemberPU Water Delivery Branch
KhadijaWadeMemberPU Administrative Services
GregoryWoodsMemberCity Treasurer