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DSD LMC Update

Meeting notes from the Friday, February 6, 2015 DSD LMC.

Staffing update: The FY 2016 budget calls for additional positions while the department continues to fill current vacancies which would restore positions lost in the RIF of prior years. MEA requested that the department continue to monitor for recruitment and retention issues so that MEA can advocate for additional resources during the upcoming budget discussions. Bob agreed that the department is beginning to see employees leave for other public sector jobs and or private employment. He appreciated MEA’s commitment to helping educate the Mayor and Council on these issues and the potential negative impact it could have on providing services to the public.

Training: Bob announced an all-day Customer Service Training to be held on March 20, 2015. He mentioned that it had been a long time since this type of training was done and he felt that it would be highly beneficial for the entire department to participate in it. More information will be distributed in the coming weeks.

FY16 Funding to address building improvements: MEA continues to advocate for substantial building improvements for COB and has made the commitment to the department to help lobby the Mayor and Council for dedicated funds specifically to address the aging interior including the elevators, furniture and HVAC system. Cathleen Higgins has requested a tour of the building as well as the bottom line number needed to address the issue. She has reached out to James Nagelvort for his input as Director of Public Works.

Fee Study: The department continues to await the final results of the fee study which is due tentatively in June or July 2015.

Attendees: Bob Vacchi, Pete Lynch, Jack Canning, Cathleen Higgins (MEA staff), Mike Westlake, Michael Richmond and Afsaneh Ahmadi.

Next LMC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2015.