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MEA Communication Opt In Options

When there are important political happenings and crucial local elections, MEA alerts employees using our website and newsletter.  However, the City limits MEA’s use of e-blasts to workplace-related issues (which is enumerated in Article 15 of our MOU).

With some very important election decisions coming up in 2016 (which have the potential to greatly impact our members), we are reaching out to City employees who wish to be notified about political activities and events.

For those who would like to be notified about your Union’s involvement (including endorsements, phone banking and community outreach opportunities), please email MEA staffer Lora Folsom (lfolsom@sdmea.org) with your name and personal email address.  Please note that MEA keeps this information private and does not share it with any outside entities.  (If you are not interested in receiving this information, you do not need to email Lora.)  Thank you for your interest in getting more involved in your Union and helping to affect some important political outcomes!