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FY17 – MetLife Dental PPO Plan Effective 8/1/16

August 1, 2016 kicks off the new FY17 benefit year. As of today, all plan participants with an August 1 effective date have been loaded into Met Life’s system and can access services.

MetLife Dental PPO will not be issuing ID cards this year, nor will they mail out replacement cards. To access services, you can do one of the following:

  1. Verbal – Please tell your provider that you have MetLife Dental PPO and provide them with the following information: MetLife Dental PPO, Group Number 5343641 and your Social Security Number. The provider can then call the MetLife automated system at (800) 275-4638 to obtain your eligibility information.
  2. Online – Please go online, enroll in MetLife’s MyBenefits and print out your ID card. To do so, please follow these directions:
    1. Go to https://mybenefits.metlife.com.
    2. In the “Account Sign In” box, please enter “San Diego Municipal Employee Association” and click “Submit.” (The system will start filling in as you type.)
    3. Go to the “First Time User?” section and click “Register Now.”
    4. You will be asked for additional information. Please complete that section and then submit.
    5. The system will log you in and will give you access to the tools designed specifically for your plan.

If you have questions, please email MEA Benefits at benefits@sdmea.org. To learn more about MEA’s MetLife Dental PPO plan, please visit the MEA Dental PPO webpage by clicking here.