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Introducing Your Political Action Committee

The PAC researches political issues, develops the organization’s political strategy, interviews candidates and recommends ballot propositions and candidates for endorsement. The committee has been busy during this current election year, especially with the closely contested City Council races in Districts 6 and 8.

Prior to the June primary, the PAC met with a number of candidates to discuss key labor issues as well as each candidate’s stance on matters that affect MEA-represented employees. All of the candidates that MEA endorsed (based on PAC’s recommendations) either won outright or qualified for the runoff.

Looking ahead to November’s General Election, the runoffs for City Council District seats 6 and 8 will be the focus for the PAC. MEA endorsed candidates, Howard Wayne (District 6) and David Alvarez (District 8) will continue to need our organization’s support to win a City Council seat. In response, the PAC will be contacting members to invite them to volunteer their time on these two campaigns.

As the November General Election approaches, the PAC will also be organizing precinct walks and phone banking on behalf of both candidates. For those MEA members residing in Districts 6 or 8, the PAC will be contacting you to remind you to tell your neighbors about your district’s candidate and to ask that you also post a yard sign for that candidate.

The PAC is not only working hard to endorse quality candidates, but to put in the hard work in order to actually get them elected. In doing so, we can feel confident as an organization that we are helping to elect candidates who are honest, discerning and who will follow the law instead of the politics of the day when it comes to issues that affect City workers.